D3.js + web development

Data visualisation on the web

We can visualise your data on the web, or we can just create wireframes for you to deliver. We can build your design and deliver it as a webpage, or create you a whole app. We can integrate webpages with existing systems.

Power BI + d3.js

Power BI custom visuals

We create custom visuals. Anything we can make in d3.js, we can make for you as a custom visual. We can design it for you, or work from your designs. We will make sure the visual works with your data.

Training + d3 + Power BI

Upskill your staff

We can teach d3.js and how to make powerbi custom visuals, as well as other web and data skills. We can teach classes or individuals, face to face or remotely. You can also see our courses on LinkedIn Learning.